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Free Web Hosting

On the hosting marketplace, a solution named free web site hosting still exists. For what purposes can the free-of-cost website hosting service be used?

Test your web design skills

When I'm launching a small online project, I usually commence with a charge-free website hosting plan and then switch to a professional paid one if I opt to carry on expanding the project. So for me, the free-of-cost web site hosting solution is great to start with, whether to test a brand new idea, to estimate your web development abilities or simply to get your small web project online. But, without a doubt, I wouldn't use a free hosting accounts provider for a larger web site project, because free-of-charge website hosting packages normally involve many restrictions.

Why is the free-of-cost website hosting service free?

One of the reasons why the free hosting solution is appropriate only for testing purposes or small web projects is the circumstance that the free hosting firms force ads on your sites. The adverts permit the hosting vendors to offer you the charge-free website hosting service, since the adverts finance the hosting distributor and pay the fees connected with the maintenance of the servers. When you ruminate about it, not paying a monthly or annual tax and having an ad on your website in exchange is not such a bad thing, if you have a small-size family-oriented web portal or just desire to estimate your web development abilities. Certain web hosting companies such as FreeHostia.com, though, do not force advertisements on your sites, but you can create only one single charge-free web site hosting account with them.

Restrictions of the free website hosting platform

Free-of-cost hosting plans, however, normally have restrictions concerning the type of websites you can maintain and the size of the files you can upload. FreeHostia.com, for example, allows you to store up to 5000 files in your free-of-charge web hosting account and does not allow you to upload files whose size exceeds 500 kilobytes. You are also restricted by the amount of data storage space that you can utilize, so even though you can register up to 10 domains, you can only have small websites that do not have sizeable files. The free web hosting accounts supply you with File Transfer Protocol access, but it can be used solely for managing your web site files and you cannot use it for file storage or file sharing purposes. You should also keep in mind that if your website hosting account stays dormant for more than 4 weeks, it will be automatically cancelled to free up some hard disk space on the web hosting supplier's web servers for other free hosting clients.

What if the free-of-charge website hosting service is insufficient?

If the free-of-cost hosting account you are having is limiting you too much, FreeHostia.com gives you the option to switch to a cut-price web site hosting package without the need to transfer your web site hosting account to a different web hosting server. Their Starter plan costs just 3 dollars/month if you pay for one year in advance, which is remarkably cheap! It includes an in-built online website builder and a remarkably useful 1-click open-source PHP-powered script installation tool that can render your life much easier, so it's totally worth it to upgrade your free-of-cost website hosting account if you want to have no file size restrictions and to receive extra bonuses.