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Web hosting is a set of services that renders it achievable for a site to go online and be reachable from any country in the world. When you type a domain in a web browser's location bar, what you notice are the files that are situated on the web hosting servers of a hosting services provider. The web hosting service also includes the possibility to create electronic mail aliases using your domain, to set up and administer databases, to set up password-guarded sections, and to keep track of all website viewers - what web pages they stayed at, what search engine or site they came from and in which state they were situated. Other services that are included in each and every web site hosting plan are FTP access, the possibility to set up custom NS records, domain parking and forwarding options, and so on.

Why Do You Need Web Hosting?

Indisputably, possessing a web page is the quickest, easiest and least expensive means to get to the biggest possible number of people. It is a means to chance on fellows with comparable hobbies, to share standpoints, to introduce a personal portfolio or to tempt new customers. A website is available online 24-7 and the only tax that needs to be paid is for the website hosting service itself - there are no charges for paperwork, additional office space or more employees. Customers from any state can purchase commodities and services at any specific moment, managers can check your portfolio if you are an entrepreneur, or if you provide services even as plain as lawn trimming. Owning a web site is a great means to discover brand new clients locally. More and more persons conduct research on the web before they order anything, and an appropriate and easy-to-memorize website address is easier to share with comrades or colleagues than a street address and a telephone number. This info can be found on your site, solely a click away.

Where Can You Obtain Topflight Website Hosting Solutions?

Discovering a web hosting supplier distributing modestly priced, high-quality web hosting solutions is a desire everyone has. However, there still are a couple of hosting companies, which measure up to this definition - a definition, which sounds unrealistic to a certain degree. One web hosting supplier that offers a superb combination of budget prices and satisfactory quality of the website hosting services on offer is 'Lonex Web Hosting'. It is not well-known at the moment, because it creates its cloud web hosting platform in-house. At the same time other hosting corporations such as HostGator, BlueHost, JustHost, etc. are just availing of cPanel, having paid a license fee. They do not invent anything. They are plainly offering a regular cPanel CP under their own personal brand and that's all they do. Simple. These web hosting suppliers are all the same. They differ by their brands chiefly. And because they do not devise anything, they concentrate on marketing solely - on how to make themselves more famous than they are at present. Well, 'Lonex Web Hosting' is rather different. Because the highly complicated cloud web site hosting platform requires a lot of energy and time to complete (as compared with the 13.00 USD/month cPanel licence tax per hosting server), 'Lonex Web Hosting' can hardly cope with the aggressive marketing tactics employed by the cPanel-powered hosting corporations. You can't be the best in every field of activity. You can be the best in only one or two spheres, at best. 'Lonex Web Hosting' is by all means a decent website hosting company. Marketing might not be the strongest facet of their business, which is why they are not so well-known at the moment. If you require any of these: hosting packages, VPS services, semi-dedicated and dedicated server services, and last but not least domain names and SSL certificates, we advise you to go and get them from 'Lonex Web Hosting'. You'll be very amazed by their web hosting Control Panel and the various controls included there: the Domain, Email and File Managers are just exceptional. cPanel does not offer any Domain Manager at all! A whole new book can be written if these two web hosting environments are subjected to minute examination: the one-server-based cPanel platform (1) and the multiple-server-based cloud hosting solution furnished by 'Lonex Web Hosting' (2). Let's finish here. Plenty has already been mentioned...